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I’ve never classified myself as a fan of psychedelic rock, but this has now completely changed through listening to Maya Galattici’s ‘Exogen Tantra’.  There’s probably very little else to add to this review apart from wholly recommending you get hold of the album as soon as you can.


Further confused and waiting for the Nurofen to kick in, I pressed play and kept my fingers crossed…
…it was probably the best decision I made that weekend.
Although the above description seems to throw rather a lot at the wall to see if anything sticks it’s actually bang on.  Honestly I was blown away.  So much so it makes it very difficult to know where to start.  Maybe at the beginning I guess.

Album opener “Alligator” provides a fantastic introduction to the band.  Melodies coming at you left, right and centre and a tempo that gives the track enough of a boost to get you going, but not enough to blow your socks off.  Simply superb.  In fact the albums tempo is one of the highlights for me.  Wave after wave of perfect ebb and flow.  The songs have been lined up to provide breaks from the quicker paced tracks allowing for the listener to relax and take heed of what they’ve just heard.

My highlight had to be, the peculiar at first listen, fantastic after a couple, “I Kill The Machine” which coincidentally was the first single released from the album in 2013.  Other tracks like “The Way To Have Happiness” and “In The Morning” provide warmth and a slower tempo that allow you to fully appreciate Maya Galattici’s talents.

I’ve learnt two things from that Saturday morning; 1) listening to psychedelic rock on a hangover is a super cure and 2) I will be listening to whatever comes next from Maya Galattici as right now I cant stop listening to ‘Exogen Tantra’.


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